Rosen Digital Audio engineers industry leading music production software.  Our guitar cabinet impulse responses and Kemper amp profiles have received critical acclaim and are featured in the studios and on the stages of top producers and recording artists worldwide.  We are proud to introduce PULSE, a free impulse response loader designed to enhance the user experience.  With the PULSE plugin and our ever expanding library of authentic sounding impulses and profiles, it’s easy for our customers to find the perfect sounds for their recording projects.

Rob Rosen founded Rosen Digital in 2014 and in a few short weeks his library of impulse responses and kemper profiles have become renowned for providing some of the most realistic studio-ready sounds. Rob is known in Los Angeles and across the country as a top call consultant for sound design and sampling. His work can be heard daily on the radio behind many major pop artists.

In 2016, Rosen Digital incorporated as Rosen Digital Audio, Inc. launching a revamped website with several exciting new products.  The company also added Alex Nasla and John Shimkus to the executive team.  Alex serves as CTO and brings with him years of audio engineering experience.  He heads product development on Rosen Digital Audio’s growing library of guitar cabinet impulse responses and Kemper amp profiles.

John Shimkus serves as COO and brings with him several years of business development experience brokering deals in the renewable energy industry.  John has been involved in the construction of numerous solar power installations across the united states providing several Megawatts of clean energy to the power grid.  With a shared passion for music he spearheads business administration, contract negotiation, sales and marketing efforts with Rosen Digital Audio.


ROB ROSEN, CEO / Project Management

ALEX NASLA, CTO / Product Development

JOHN SHIMKUS, COO / Business Development